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About Finaliters

Finaliters is a ROYALTIES EXCHANGE MARKET platform meant to bring more value to those who create original content. It will enable Content Asset Token Holders to be incentivized as a going concern through Vericx which is an airplay marketplace. This will be coupled to immutable protections on their tokenised recording and composition copyright(Masters).

Platform Explainer Informercials

Direct-To-Consumer & Decentralized Platform

Leverage your audience and they will stand to earn as you earn.

Through the use of Industry Strength Content Fingerprinting and Cochlea(An IOT device range)  each fingerprinted asset will be tracked inorder to ascertain proof of use & copyright ownership finality.

A publisher and investors speculating on an asset can get to purchase CATs through FEM ,allowing all participants to build portfolios on Content Asset Tokens held.

Cryptographic ties will be assessed in real time and those holding CATs stand to earn daily if their Content Asset Smart Contract(CASC) leads.


Initial Token Offering Details

Tokens Offered on first  IEO

0.5 MILLION FEMS with 50% Buckera Air-Drop

An IEO will be Launched prior to each new jurisdiction open

$500,000 FEMS each year will be sold

Hard Cap(To be Offered on IEO)




ITO Application Services

The application at present is in the dog-fooding phase where content creators get their content fingerprinted following signing up and purchase of FEMS.

Atomic Transfers

Token transferable instantly to any peer at near ZERO cost

Industry Strength Content Fingerprinting

Get your content verified and have its cryptographic attributes tied to your wallet address and identity

BKR Dividend Rights

Gain an immutable participating interest in finaliters’ future platform earnings proportionally to FEMS held to be paid in the ecosystem token BKR

Airplay Marketplace

With all content tied to owners and certified, the airplay market place will be activated. An artist or advertiser will get to promote their content to the broadcasters who shall also be able to make purchases of airplay time(cryptime).


Our team is a sincere and hardworking staff and we have partnered with experts on protocol development to ensure the project requirements and goals are well maintained and met.

2018 Q1
  • Concept Generation
  • Founders Assembe
2019 Q1
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Planning and Problem Enquiry
  • White paper draft completion
2020 Q1
  • Platform design and technical research
  • Building the MVP
2022 Q3
Public Introductory Pre-Sale
  • FEM Token launch
  • Public ITO

Executive team

Our Team combines a passion for technology , industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & legal.

Ashley Musihiwa
Founding Architect : Business
Martin Chinyuku
Founding Director : Finance
Advocate Gabriel Shumba
Senior Legal Advisor
Leonard Makombe D Phil , Msc
Chief Content Officer
Rumbidzai Natalie
Marketing Communications
Ngonidzashe Mangudya
Full Stack Developer
Chipo A Mataka
IOT Technician ( Cochlear Tech)
Brian Manyati
DAO Governance
Christopher Kotamo
IOT Supervisor
Vimbisoyashe Tsvalavanyai
Compliance Research Officer
Andrew Thebe
Community Manager


Ixiono Pte Ltd
Systems Development Contracter : CEDEFI
Faizan Abid
Full Stack Web Developer : Backend
Ashley T Mutakwa
Motion Graphics Editor


It is a novel performance rights platform allowing content producers to sell airplay to users and also copyright sale using block-chain technology.

Tokens will be sold by finaliters agents : .

The token represents a claim to platform earnings in buckera terms after full platform launch. Buckera tokens will be generated by ecosystem activity. During the IEO stage on which we are, FEM holders will also gain a buckera airdrop which will be used to pay for content validation and fingerprinting allowing you as a content producer to certify the uniqueness of your content

Yes indeed.Similar to stock exchange markets,finaliters is where copyright of content is bought and sold p2p freely.The tokenisation process,when the copyright is converted into a token called CATs(content asset tokens) will then mean that those holding these CATs are the legal recipients of the specific contents' earnings on the platform.Earnings will be in buckera tokens.

Our Dapp is built on Algorand platform: a novel PPOS platform which allows our app to leverage very high TPS on demand.

Absolutely. We are a well regulated company operating in South Africa and aiming to open offices in all key jurisdictions

Funds raised during the IEO and a portion of subscriptions will continue to be added to our investments pool through our Partners Allowing the platform to Scale in income whilst building a firmer Net Assets Value. We will mine bitcoin and also purchase music catalogues amongst other asset classes.

IEO tokens can still be sold p2p and are not redeemable since they have properties similar to those of common stock, unless if we do a buy back. Buckera tokens however shall be convertible to fiat on demand through our liquidity setups.

It is a process of assigning music attributes (pitch loudness and time) a signature or signature which can be use to identify part of or the whole of the track

We are registered in Zimbabwe and South Africa . We aim to be registered in all jurisdictions inorder to expand our reach and lesson the regulatory burden on users

The application will be for free to all users who own at least 12 FEM tokens : Another onboard token buckera shall be payable in-order to use the app and it will cost 12 bucks per year,

Bucks or Buckera tokens are reward tokens payed to asset smart contracts which hold content .They are payable every 24 hours through a content rating mechanism called Kairos.

BKR for the airdrop will be credited 6 months following the IEO to token holders. This is when the system goes live

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